Roman Abramovich Yachts

The Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich is one of the best patrons of the superyacht industry, he has commissioned some of the largest and most spectacular yachts ever created. Roman was born on October 24th, 1966. Read more about Roman Abramovich on his Wikipedia page.

This is a collection of my videos of Roman Abromovich’s yachts past and present.

Expedition Yacht LUNA

Explorer Yacht LUNA, at 115 Meters, is the second largest expedition yacht in the world. Currently Paul Allen’s Octopus is the longest expedition yacht. LUNA was completed in 2010 and delivered to Roman. in 2014 Mr. Abramovich sold LUNA to his friend Farkhad Akhmedov for a reported $400 Million USD. Mr. Akhmedov then sent LUNA for a major refit and upgrading in Germany. The refit was completed in 2015 and LUNA spent the winter of 2016 in Miami, Florida and again spent the winter or 2017 at Miami’s Island Garden Marina. Later in the the winter, due to the Yachts Miami Beach Superyacht Show taking up all the space at Island Gardens Marina she moved to the American Airlines Arena.

Superyacht PELORUS

PELORUS was built in 2003 by Lürssen in Germany and is 115 meters long. PELORUS was sold in 2004 to Roman Abramovich who sent it for refit at Blohm + Voss to add a second helicopter pad, four zero-speed stabilizers and other upgrades. PELORUS was given to Roman’s ex-wife Irina Abramovich as part of their 2009 divorce settlement. Irina reportedly sold PELOURS to David Geffen for $400 Million USD.

In this video, PELORUS is docked across from American Airlines Arena in downtown Miami. She is docked next to the spectacular superyacht ATTESA IV.

Gigayacht ECLIPSE

The pièce de résistance of Roman Abramovich’s superyacht collection is the gigantic Gigayacht ECLIPSE. ECLIPSE is the second longest yacht in the world, she is 162.5 meters long and was completed in 2010 by Blohm + Voss and recently refit. She carries a submarine and multiple tenders and watercraft. She has two helipads, a crew of 70 and many security upgrades.

ECLIPSE is so large that when she arrived in Florida, she needed to dock at the Port Everglades Cruise Ship Terminal.