J'ADE Superyacht

The superyacht J’ADE is probably one of the most famous yachts online. Pictures of this superyacht’s float in tender garage have been shared and viewed millions of times on Instagram, Facebook and other online social platforms.

JADE is 190′ long with a beam of 33.5′. She was built by CRN and completed 2013.  The most notable feature of this yacht is her float in tender garage, which surprisingly looks very small in person. The hatch for the tender garage can be seen in the video of JADE at EPIC Marina in Miami.

JADE Yacht in Miami
J'ADE Superyacht arrives in Miami


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JADE Superyacht
JADE Superyacht arriving in Maimi
JADE superyacht arrives in Miami
JADE Superyacht arrives in Miami, Fisher Island can be seen in the background.