Hybrid Superyacht SAVANNAH

The hybrid superyacht SAVANNAH arrives in Fort Lauderdale. She entered the port and took on board a harbor pilot to help her navigate the tight spaces. SAVANNAH is a hybrid superyacht, she has a main traditional engine and a battery pack. She can use the battery packs to power her central propeller nacelle and the in-line azimuthing thruster set.

SAVANNAH recently spent some time at Miami’s Island Garden Marina,

SAVANNAH is reported to be owned by Lukas Lundin of Lundin Group a company founded by his father. It has been reported that Lundin Group is a blood mineral company who has made deals in countries with corrupt regimes for mining rights and exploits the natural resources and people of impoverished counties. The Lundin Group has also been reported as a very large contributor to the Clinton Foundation. One of the reports of this corruption can be read here: http://dailycaller.com/2016/05/24/exclusive-clinton-foundation-got-100m-from-blood-minerals-firm/

SAVANNAH Yacht takes on a harbor pilot when she arrives at Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale.


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SAVANNAH Superyacht
SAVANNAH Superyacht arrives in Fort Lauderdale
SAVANNAH yacht in Miami
SAVANNAH yacht at Island Garden Marina in Miami