ECLIPSE Mega Yacht

Roman Abramovich’s Blohm + Voss masterpiece ECLIPSE arrives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. ECLIPSE is the largest yacht top ever enter Port Everglades. This is not a hard honor to take when she is the second longest yacht in the world.

ECLIPSE is 162.5 meters long and has a beam of 22 meteres. She carries a crew of 70. She has 2 helicopter pads, a submarine, several tenders and every amenity one would expect on a yacht that cost $500 Million USD to build in 2010 and is rumored now to be worth $1.5 Billion USD after refits and upgrades.

ECLIPSE is by far the largest yacht I have filmed in Florida, even surpassing other Roman Abramovich yachts like PELORUS and LUNA. ECLIPSE docked at the Port Everglades Cruise Ship Terminal, the only dock in Fort Lauderdale able to accommodate her size. I am sad that because of this docking arrangement I will be unable to film her during a dramatic Florida sunrise or sunset like the previous Roman Abramovich yachts.

ECLIPSE Mega Yacht arrives to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA


ECLIPSE Yacht in Florida on a cloudy day